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We deliver carefully designed software solutions through engineering, UI/UX, QA

From conception to full-fledged product
At Milestep, each engineer is an individual expert in their technologies domain who can be easily integrated into your in-house team, collaborate with you and your staff closely, and facilitate your business growth by working on what they do the best.
Here at Milestep, we believe that every product could positively impact the world someday. That’s why we do not just create solutions that will meet your expectations but strive to contribute our expertise to your project at all development stages, and thus to make the product the one your end-users will enjoy using.
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Our approach
clockFree project estimationPrior to providing our services, we thoroughly analyze your ideas and requirements. Then, we provide you the solution roadmap and estimated scope of work to guarantee we will launch your project in the most cost-efficient and time-effective way.
keeping u postedKeeping you postedOur development process is transparent for our clients. That's why we provide you with reports about the work we've done as well as give you access to the management tools upon request so that you can check project status yourself at any time.
direct communicationDirect communicationHere, every engineer can communicate with the client directly, while at the same time, project managers fully engage with the client and the team. As a result, we hit the target and deliver the software our clients expect to get, regardless of the cooperation type
agile devAgile developmentTo build viable smooth-running and scalable software, we divide the process into sprints, overview gained results and challenges through daily stand-ups and systematic retrospectives, use TDD practices, design simple yet reliable architecture, and much more
comprehensive approachComprehensive viewEach of the developers is good at front-end, back-end, and DBs development. That's why our engineers have a wider view of your product from the implementation of the design, down to deploying code on a server.
further maintenanceFurther maintenanceWe take full responsibility for the code we’ve written down. Upon implementing your project, we will provide various types of support maintenance services, audit and review products for vulnerabilities, and extend app functionality whenever required.
Clients about us
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COO, Froth, Froth Coffee Jamie Rood
South Africa
“They deliver quality services within an efficient timeline. Internal stakeholders expect the app to start generating revenue once it launches. A driven team, MileStep asks relevant questions and takes action accordingly. They are communicative and offer regular updates. ”
CTO & Founder, Bishop & Company Michael Bishop
St. Louis, Missouri
“MileStep created an app that's set up my business for success. Communication is good and their code quality is fantastic. Their development principles and forward-thinking abilities are impressive.”
Founder & CEO, B2B Fitness App
San Francisco, California
“With the help of MileStep, LLC, I was able to secure funding to expand development and invest in GTM. The team was responsible and accountable. Their unwinding support and genuine guidance have also been impressive.”
CEO, Streaming Media Platform
Bay Area, California
“MileStep’s assistance has sped up the business timeline, allowing for a sooner launch date. The team follows an organized, efficient, and effective workflow. So far, they’ve delivered on all of their promises.”
Founder, Social Media Platform
San Jose, California
MileStep precisely translated requirements into a sophisticated platform. Their communication, availability, and affordable pricing set them apart from others in the industry.

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