about us

Why milestep?

Foremost, we're the team of web app developers, united by mutual ideas and interests. Our passion is Ruby, fundamental value is friendship relationship. Our web development agency success pillars are based on customized approach, contribution to the Rails framework and sharing our experience.

  • More than 30 top-level web developers
  • One of the top 15 in the list of IT companies in Ukraine (1-50empl.)
  • Two weeks of trial codding
  • More than 6 years experience in web development across a variety of industries.
  • Team management solutions are key to keeping projects on track and workers on task
  • Every one of our products runs fast, easily scalable and deployment process runs smoothly with no server interruptions
  • We implement the best industry standards and practices, like SCRUM and Agile, depending on the project size and complexity.
  • By means of hourly wages you control payments for completed work
  • We work using BBD model and have strong knowledge in Rspec and Cucumber. We use Continuous Integration tools such as: Travis CI, TeamCity, Jenkins CI.



Our software developers use standard tools to create an outstanding site such as HTML, Haml, Slim, CSS (including preprocessors SASS, LESS, Compass) and JavaScript. We are able to work with JS frameworks such as CoffeeScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js. That set of skills enables us to make the сross-browser, practical and functional site.Consequently, our website creators make your website more responsive for multiple screen sizes. For example, there can be a specific layout for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers


The MileStep Team uses MVC framework Ruby on Rails to implement the server side of the site. This framework is more dynamic, interpretive and convenient, in comparison with other server languages. Besides, this technology allows us to integrate and provide default structured databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis, and link them to the front-end side. Finally, RoR it’s a rich platform with an ability to perform more things with lesser expenses.


Web Development

Our main advantage is understanding your requirement and selection of developers who have practical experience in software development using Ruby on Rails technology.

Free Code Audit

Developers test and perform code audits during the whole process of work. This approach allows you to get a quality work product in accordance with all the standards of Ruby.

Maintenance & Support

After the implementation of the software we offer our customers the maintenance and support through web analytics and special tools.



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Tom Rensed

fullstack web developer

Kathren Mory

frontend devefoper

Lancer Jack