Milestep is a full-cycle software company based on custom approach. As an experienced team which adhere to strict high standards, we go to considerable lengths to build the fine products


Aimed at changing the world, you should test your desires to be certain of these feasibility and relevance. Focusing on your vision, our team will help you to realize your first-rate thoughts from scratch

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Dedicated Team

Whenever your business have made an expansion, you end up with staffing shortfall. We are willing to provide you with full-stack developers who wrap mind around your vision and will move forward to achieve your goals step by step

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Staff Augmentation

It’s a common occurrence when you need extremely improve your product using up-dated technologies. String along with Scrum and Kanban methodologies, Milestep’s experts will rescue situation smoothly

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Whereby we serve you

We tend to solve your challenges in transparent and simple way. Your involving on screening process helps us to reduce risks and match the more appropriate ready-to-go engineers at the outset

Let us hear
from your project

Awareness of your specifications, relevant
technologies, scope of work and number of
developers you need helps us to match appropriate
candidates for you

Receive CVs

As soon as we get wise to your expectations, we provide the resumes of relevant engineers to your consideration. Thereby previous picking of suitable developers, you don't need to waste a lot of effort and time

Conversation with suitable developers

In light of management from your in-house team, we set up the interview with screening employees to ensure the full compliance with your technical and communication expectations

Scale up your current staff

Finally, you’re able to get started working with your remote employees. Huge experience of working in team extension model allow us to be agile and ramp up performing of your ideas as smoothly and quick as it possible



Each of us might be as a ninja, unicorn or cat fancier deep inside. What unites us, nevertheless, are our abiding commitment to code writing and desire to transform the world through making of high-tech dreams come true

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full stack web developer


web designer


web developer


web developer




web developer


web developer


full stack web developer


full stack web developer


full stack web developer


full stack web developer


full stack web developer


full stack web developer

advantages of our approch
to development

Two weeks free trial

From here, twofold benefits are achieved. Firstly, developers have enough time to give an impression about their skills. Secondly, this means
you can evaluate their collaboration with the other employees

Full-stack Web and
App developers

Each of developers is good at both front-end and back-end development. Hence, we’ll provide you with engineers who have wider view on your product from the implementation of design on web-page till deploying code on server


Your business is in permanent progress. We either. Using code refactoring and BDD, we carry on with effectual development

Maintenance & Support

We become responsible, forever, for what we have written. Upon implementing of the project, we are providing you with maintenance, support and realization of new features that might be carried out.

Free code audit

Like so many efficient code evangelists, we believe that clear code, which was written based on guides and official documentation, is equal to high speed response of your website. Following this procedure we use code analyzers to find out problems we’re going to handle with

our team covers